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As a proud member of the Landscape Effects Group of Companies Innovative Lifescapes is part of a proud family of people, families an communities. As a member of the Landscape Effects Group fo companies we inherit a desire to cultivate and grown a culture and a family of incredible people. People at Innovative Lifescapes and at the Landscape Effects Group of Companies, are known to have something special; a desire to help others, a zest for the outdoors and a drive to always be moving forward. These characteristics are evident in everything that they do and they encourage everyone to call, email or stop by one of their incredible places and experience for yourself the Landscape Effects Difference.

At the Landscape Effects Group of Companies, we’ve spent three decades planting trees with one mission in mind: To enrich the quality of life for our clients and our community. We are excited and motivated by the idea of watching these seeds flourish and finding out where they take us. Landscape Effects values creativity, design, leadership, and caring for others. And we’re not afraid to take risks through constant innovation and growth, helping others sow their own seeds for the future.

Innovative Lifescapes is one of the vital pieces that make up the entire Landscape Effects Group of companies. The Landscape Effects Group is a system of inter-related companies created to enhance the outdoor experience for all of us. As a result each company was built on the same foundation and set of principals that has allowed Landscape Effects to become synonymous with a lifestyle without limits. Each company in this vibrant group shares the same passion for growth, energetic environment and positive culture. Even better, each company in this group represents an opportunity for you to find ideal fit in a career that’s tailored for you.

The best time to plant a tree waas 30 years ago
The second best time is now

What We Offer

What was the inspiration to build Park models?

When we mixed one of Western Ontario’s premier resorts with the award-winning Landscape effects group the results were breathtaking. We had the resort, the landscaping and so the natural next step was to create a leisure product that fitted perfectly into that environment. The result was Innovative Lifescapes. We produced a product that not only was perfect visually but also technically and built to the highest standards in the industry.

Career Opportunities

At Innovative Lifescapes our vision is to champion a movement to reshape the recreation, travel, vacation industry in Ontario and across Canada. We already have the vision, technology and the drive to make an impact. Now we just need an incredible team to help bring that vision to life. So, If you’re the type of person that likes to think outside the box, create things, and be part of a growing environment then there may be a good fit for you here.

Join this fast-growing division as we look to expand and have the opportunity to work year-round in a clean and controlled environment. Innovative Lifescapes is a division of the Landscape Effects Group of Companies, leading the way in park model manufacturing and the camping and leisure industry. Come be a part of something spectacular!

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