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What was the inspiration to build Park models?

When we mixed one of Western Ontario’s premier resorts with the award-winning Landscape effects group the results were breathtaking. We had the resort, the landscaping and so the natural next step was to create a leisure product that fitted perfectly into that environment. The result was Innovative Lifescapes. We produced a product that not only was perfect visually but also technically and built to the highest standards in the industry.

Our History

25 Years of changing the way we experience the outdoors

As the newest division of the Landscape Effects Group of companies, Innovative Lifescapes was founded at the intersection of two longstanding divisions of the group: Landscape Effects Design & Build and Rochester Place Golf Club & Resort.

After undergoing a major transformation in recent years, Rochester Place Golf Club & Resort is an emerging lifestyle destination in Southwestern Ontario. The vision, direction, and leadership of a strong team is what led Rochester Place into a complete redevelopment, offering a new style of camping.

Landscape Effects Design & Build was founded by Paul St. Pierre. In its 25-year history, it has earned the reputation of being one of Southwestern Ontario’s premier landscaping companies. Having received over 40 Landscape Ontario awards over the last 10 years, the team at Landscape Effects is excited to apply their experience and skills to a new opportunity.

Although the Landscape Effects Group of Companies has evolved and taken different forms over the past 25 years, the one thing has always remained constant is their unwavering commitment to never embrace the status quo. This philosophy is sure to define and elevate the Innovative Lifestyle’s brand.

Our Team

Stefanie Goulding
Chief Operating Officer

Stefanie is the General Manager of Rochester Place Golf Club & Resort. Stefanie’s focus has been to maintain the family values of the business, with an attention to customer enjoyment and business enhancements.

John O'Brien

John has been in the RV/Campground industry for 25 years. He started his career in the UK, managing some of Europe’s largest RV parks. For two years, he took on the National Sales Director’s role in France, running the sales departments on eight RV resorts.

Greg Geml

Greg is a licensed carpenter by trade, with additional certifications in Construction Management, PMP, and LEED. Greg has a background in modular fabrication and commercial, institutional, and residential construction.

Paul St. Pierre

As the founder and president of the Landscape Effects Group of Companies, Paul has built his companies on the foundation of providing quality service, design, and his unwavering commitment to always evolve and adapt to meet his customers’ needs.

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