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Welcome to Innovative Lifescapes.

Our Vision

Welcome to the movement

Our vision is to champion a movement to reshape the camping and leisure industry in Ontario and across Canada. We desire to do so based on the principles of modern design, innovative construction, and quality service. We believe in a transparent approach to the way we do business and complete integrity when we deal with our clients.

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About Us

Welcome to the movement

Innovative Lifescapes is the genesis of a movement in the leisure industry across Canada. The movement is driven by a synergy of technology, ideas and people whose collective goal is to change we way experience the outdoors. We have put industry experts together to form a dynamic and driven team that can drive the movement towards our collective vision.

Our Models

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Our models are unique in the industry with many features not found in traditional park model builds. Their modern new look inside and out will be an exciting step forward for the industry.

What We do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We predominately sell to campgrounds and resorts however we do sell to individual customers. If you are planning to buy one of our homes for a piece of private land, we strongly suggest you check your zoning to ensure you can do so before proceeding.

Our core business is building Park model RVs for the leisure industry. However, if you have an idea run it past us we would be happy to be a part of any innovation.


We are a boutique builder that prides itself in the attention to detail we put into every model. Before we started production, we did extensive research amongst campground owners and Park model owners. One of the biggest complaints was roof leaks in the homes and so we decided to use metal roofs as standard from day one. Another complaint was the use of no name bathroom hardware that was impossible to get replacement parts for. We will only use household name brands that have accessibility to parts from any high street hardware store.


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